Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos Testing in Chilliwack BC
01.01 – Asbestos Testing

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious long-term health issues, cancer, and even death. Asbestos was widely used in B.C. as a building material up until the early 1990s, and is still present in many older buildings. If you suspect asbestos is present, do not touch or disturb it.

At Pre-Construction Services Inc., we offer fast and affordable asbestos testing services, performed by one of our in-house AHERA EPA certified building inspectors. We also offer full document packages, including HMS Reports, Risk Assessments, and Clearance Letters, so that you can get to work safely and effectively.

Our office is located in Chilliwack, BC, however we also serve Agassiz, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, Kent, and the surrounding areas. We are on the City of Chilliwack‘s preferred list of contractors and are widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to asbestos testing and removal.

For more information on asbestos and the risks that home owners, contractors, and workers face in the construction industry, please visit WorkSafeBC – Asbestos.

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