Attic Vermiculite Removal

Attic Vermiculite Removal Chilliwack BC
03.01 – Vermiculite in Attic Space

If you have identified Vermiculite in your attic, stop, do not disturb it.

In 99.9% of cases, Vermiculite is asbestos containing, and not only that, but because most attics are hot, dry, ventilated spaces, the asbestos fibres can become airborne very easily.

At Pre-Construction Services Inc., our team specializes in safely removing vermiculite insulation, leaving your attic space spotless. In addition, we also offer services mould treatments, vapour locking, and re-insulating services.

Our office is located in Chilliwack, BC, however we also serve Agassiz, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, Kent, and the surrounding areas. We are on the City of Chilliwack‘s preferred list of abatement contractors and are widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to asbestos.

For more information on asbestos and the risks that home owners, contractors, and workers face in the construction industry, please visit WorkSafeBC – Asbestos.

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