Cigarette & Tobacco Smoke Damage

Cigarette Smoke Smell in Home Chilliwack BC
05.01 – Smoking in the Home

Has decades of smoking left your home with a seemingly impossible to get rid of cigarette or tobacco smoke smell?

Smoking in the home was common practice up until the early 2000’s. In most cases, the smoke is so deeply engrained in the walls, ceilings, and carpets, that a simple surface clean will only mask the issue temporarily, and will resurface after a just few days, or even hours. This can be a real issue if you are looking to sell at some point, especially with the new generation of home buyers.

At Pre-Construction Services Inc., we offer full environmental cleaning and smoke remediation services, leaving your home odourless.

Our office is located in Chilliwack, BC, however we also serve Agassiz, Abbotsford, Hope, Mission, Kent, and the surrounding areas. We are on the City of Chilliwack‘s preferred list of abatement contractors and are widely regarded as the industry leader when it comes to asbestos, mould, and home restorations.

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